Premium Pricing

What is included in the "Premium Version"?

  • Allows you to have an unlimted number of cards (normally limited to 40)
  • Show or Hide the Search Bar
  • Show or Hide the Filter
  • Show or Hide the Category
  • Show or Hide the Sheet Icon
  • Remove "Made with JAG Tables - get it here!" link in the footer or choose your own.

How much does Premium cost?

  • Invidual user: 15 CHF a year
  • Domain under 500 users: 250 CHF a year
  • Domain over 500 users: 500 CHF a year

When you buy a premium subscription you will automatically receive a 7 day trial during which time you can cancel at any time by sending is an email to

A premium subscription is valid for 1 year, unless you contact us you will automatically be billed for the next year.

You can inform us at any time during the year that you want to cancel and will remove the auto renewal.

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact